• Compatible to detachable laser rangefinder LRF700 (additional option)
  • 5 of memory presets (ballistic profiles)
  • Digital E-compass
  • Inclinometer
  • Roll scale
  • Сolor/BW automatic mode
  • 5 types of aiming reticles



The CORVUS digital is advanced scope where the most innovative and up-to-date digital technologies were combined and implemented. Being sensitive to both near-infrared and visible light, a high performance color CMOS imaging system provides round-the-clock target detection and recognition. The CORVUS digital is a perfect product for professional and amateur use, such as hunting, security, target shooting and nighttime observation.

Key features:

  • Compatible to detachable laser rangefinder LRF700 (additional option);
  • 5 of memory presets (ballistic profiles);
  • Digital E-compass;
  • Inclinometer;
  • Roll scale;
  • Сolor/BW automatic mode;
  • 5 types of aiming reticles.


CORVUS digital 4X CORVUS digital 8X

Color CMOS 1/1.8″, 768×582, PAL

Horizontal resolution

600 TVL

Lens F1.5/50 mm F1.5/110 mm
Magnification 4X 8X
Boresight at 100 m distance 2.2 cm 1.0 cm
FOV 11°×16° 5°×7°

Color HD OLED, 1024×768 pixels

Focusing range 10 m – ∞ 15 m – ∞
Diopter adjustment

+3/-5 dptr

Operation range

0.0001…30 000 lux

Detection range at 0.005 Lux 300 m 500 m


Battery life

6 hrs. (at 24°C)

E-compass accuracy


External power

5–12.5 V

Dimensions 218×103×72 mm 275×103×85 mm
Weight (w/o battery) 0.6 kg 0.97 kg
Temperature range -20°С…+50°С
Protection grade IP66