– Extreme day and night observation distance
– Single optical axis for day and night channels
– Long battery operation time


The NIVEX-D/N 9Xis a long-range round-the-clock device, based on Gen. 2+ or 3 image tube. The device is designed for observation and registration of different objects at distances up to 2000 m at night and up to 3000 m in daylight. The device has a single optical axis for day and night channels, convenient switching mode with a handle and built-in focusing system. Camera’s adapter for video recording can be mounted by request.


Magnification x9
Operating distance at night 2000 m
Operating distance in daylight 3000 m
Battery CR123A
Work time 60 hours
Weight 2 kg
Length 390 mm
Operating temperature range – 30…+ 50°C
IEC 60529 protection class IP 66