Key features

  • The lightest and most compact clip-on among competitors EVER;
  • Best choice for hunting at short and medium distances;
  • 100% repeatability when taken OFF and ON weapon, and again;
  • Operation simplicity with no complicated Menu items;
  • 1280×720 pixels sensor and 1280х960 pixels HD display;
  • Powerful IR LED and LD illuminators with observation distances being over 500 m at night;
  • Great recoil resistance with heavy calibers: 12 cal., 9.3×64, .375H&H;
  • Can be used at daytime;
  • Can be fed from USB power banks, PB-1, PB-2R.




NIVEX digital 2 is a digital viewing device based on advanced high-sensitive HD CMOS sensor with 1280×720 pixels and HD OLED display with 1280×960 pixels. It is designed for application as surveillance device, or pre-objective attachment for daytime optical device for operation at night. NIVEX digital 2 has no parallax and does not require zeroing since optical system is located on a single axis with magnification which is 1X exactly. Due to high-contrast F36mm lens and high-resolution sensor, the device surpasses similar devices in terms of characteristics and features with longer focal length of lens.

Monocular is encased in metal body with IPX6 protection class. It has 100% repeatability during reinstallation, high recoil resistance and ergonomic design. It is reliable and easy to handle. NIVEX digital 2 is perfect product for professional and amateur use, such as hunting, security and nighttime observation.

Delivery set:

NIVEX digital 21
Detachable eyepiece1
User manual1


Optional accessories:

IR illuminator IR-530
Battery pack PB-1
Battery pack with video recorder PB-2R
Wire remote control of brightness monitor
Video/12V cable





SensorCMOS 1/1.8″, 1280х720, PAL
Horizontal resolution67Lp/mm
LensF36 mm
Operation range0.0001…30 000 lux
Relative aperture1:1.4
Magnification (clip-on)1X
Magnification (monocular)2.5X (4X on request)
Suggested magnification of optical sight1-12X
Max. range of animal observation (0.01 lux)500m
Max. range of animal observation with IR illuminator IR-530-850nm500m
DisplayOLED, 1280 x 960 pixels
Focusing range5m – ∞
Diopter adjustment of eyepiece+3/-3 diopters
The reducing ring typeRUSAN -Electrooptic
Battery life4 hrs. (at 24°C)
External power3.2-12.5V
Dimensions128 х 60 х 70 mm
Weight (w/o battery)0.46 kg
Temperature range-20°С…+50°С
Protection gradeIPX6
Max. recoil power/caliber8000J/12