Key features

  • Best choice for trophy hunting at medium and long-range distances;
  • Great detection and identification distance;
  • Time-proved reliability and durability combined with operation simplicity with no complicated Menu items;
  • 1280×720 pixels sensor and 1280х960 pixels HD display;
  • Powerful IR LED and LD illuminators with observation distances being over 500 m at night;
  • Great recoil resistance with heavy calibers: 12 cal., 9.3×64, .375H&H;
  • Can be used at daytime;
  • 100% repeatability when taken OFF and ON weapon, and again;
  • Can be fed from USB power banks, PB-1, PB-2R.




The NIVEX digital Plus is advanced monocular where the most innovative and up-to-date digital technologies were combined and implemented. Being sensitive to both near-infrared and visible light, a high performance color CCD imaging system provides round-the-clock target detection and recognition. The NIVEX digital is designed for use as a surveillance device, or pre-objective (clip-on) attachment for daytime optical instruments for operation at night. The monocular is mounted on the front body of a day sight with the help of adapters suited for various diameters. The NIVEX digital does not require zeroing since the optical system is located on a single axis.

The monocular is made in a metal case with the degree of protection IPX6, has an ergonomic design, is reliable and easy to handle. The NIVEX is perfect product for professional and amateur use, such as hunting, security, and nighttime observation.





Sensor typeSONY, CMOS 1/1.8″, PAL
Spectral range0.4…1.1 µm
Format1280х720 pixels
Frame rate50 Hz
Working range0.0001…30 000 Lux
Resolution65 lp/mm
Clip-on visual magnification
Eyepiece visual magnification2.5X (4Х upon request only)
Day sight recommended magnification1-15Х
LensF1.5/54 mm
Lens focusing range6m – ∞
Detection range (boar)500 m
DisplayColor OLED 1280X960 pixels
Eyepiece+3/-4 diopter
Reducing ringELECTROOPTIC (RUSAN-Mikron)
Q-R adapterRUSAN Q-R adapter M52x0.75 mm
Battery life4 hours (at 24°С)
External power3.2-15 V
Weight (w/o battery/adapter)0.56 kg
Dimensions167 х 75 х 55 mm
Working temperatures range-20°C … +50°C
Protection class IEC 60529IPХ6
Maximal impact load500g