• Digital video recorder with SD/microSD card
  • Wi-Fi
  • Detachable laser rangefinder


A long-range digital binocular FORTIS DIGITAL 33X ZOOM is developed on the basis of up-to-date digital technologies and designed for round-the-clock observation and registration of different objects. Super sensitive CCD equipped with image contrast system enables observation not only at night and in daylight, but also during rain, snowfall and fog. A powerful infrared laser illuminator allows to observe objects in active mode at a distance up to 2000 meters. The device is designed for both stationary and mobile use. The device contains low-light-level TV camera with zooming lens, a binocular system with control panel, video recorder support, SD/microSD card with expandable memory up to 32 Gb and infrared laser illuminator, Wi-Fi, GPS, pitch and roll scales as well as a detachable laser range finder. The device has a modular design. It can also be equipped with a remote control option via 3m cable.

Long-range digital night vision binocular FORTIS DIGITAL 33X ZOOM

Long-range digital night vision binocular FORTIS DIGITAL 33X ZOOM


ParameterFORTIS digital 33X zoom
Visible magnification1X…33Х
LensF 1.5-3.8/10-330mm
Range of operation0.001…30 000 lux
Monitor2.5″ LTPS TFT LCD 960X240
Maximal range (a man)

Day mode

Night mode (at 0.005 lux)

Active mode

                       Detection                 Recognition                  Identification

3000m                         600                                300

1500m                         400                                180

800m                          550                                250

Frame rate

Frame rate at 0.005 lux

50 Hz

16 Hz

Resolution:  day


570 TV lines

120 … 570 TV lines

Battery2X18650 rechargeable
Battery life6 hrs (at 25°С)
FunctionE-compass, GPS, WiFi, video recording, SD card up to 32Gb, roll scale, pitch scale, the detachable laser rangefinder, external input 12V, USB
E-compass accuracy
GPS accuracy2m
Weight4.5 kg
Temperatures range-10°C … +50°C
ProtectionIP 54