The device is only supplied on request

  • Digital video recorder with SD/microSD card
  • Wi-Fi
  • Day and night operation under rain, snowfall and fog


The FORTIS Digital is a day-night digital binocular, developed on the basis of up-to-date digital technologies and designed for round-the-clock supervision and registration of different objects. The device is based on the high-resolution and high-sensitive CCD sensor with a special system of electronic signal accumulation and amplification. The binocular offers supervision not only at night and dusk in automatic mode, but also during rain, snowfall and fog. It has built-in video recorder, a slot for SD/microSD card with expandable memory up to 32 Gb and Wi-Fi video transmitter. The FORTIS Digital’s sensitivity is comparable with gen.2+ night vision devices; the day/night mode switches automatically. An integrated eye sensor provides an increase in continuous operation time as well as hidden observation. A version fitted with menu, digital compass, range finder and laser aimer is available by request.

Advantages when compared to night vision devices:

  • light overloads immunity
  • day-time operation
  • video recording
  • supervision during rain, fog and smoke
  • application of invisible illumination

Advantages when compared to thermal viewers:

  • allows viewing through glass
  • more detailed object identification


The table shows the approximate characteristics of the product. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the specifications

Model/parameterFORTIS digital 8X FORTIS digital 11X FORTIS digital 17X FORTIS digital 12X vario
Visible magnification11Х17Х1-12Х
Range of operation0.0001…30 000 lux0.0001…30 000 lux0.0001…30 000 lux0.0005…30 000 lux
Monitor2.5″ LTPS TFT LCD 960X240
Maximal Range


Night at 0.005 lux













Frame rate at day time

Frame rate at night time

50 Hz

12…50 Hz

Resolution:  day


570 TV lines

120 … 570 TV lines

Battery2X18650 rechargeable
Battery life6 hrs (at 25°С)
FunctionVideo recording, SD card 8Gb, WiFi, external input 12V, USB
Weight1.4 kg1.65 kg2.7 kg1.35 kg
Dimensions(200x175x85) mm(250x175x95) mm(360x175x110)mm(230x175x85) mm
Temperatures range-10°C … +50°C
ProtectionIP 66IP 66IP 66IP 55