• for medium and long-range fire at nighttime
  • highly sensitive shutter uncooled VOx microbolometer
  • high-resolution 1024×768 monitor
  • made of lightweight aluminum alloy
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Thermal hunting scope LEGAT Pro is designed for medium and long-range fire at nighttime as well as under low visibility conditions (fog, rain, haze, rare underbrush, etc.) Advanced technology combined with a highly sensitive shutter uncooled VOx microbolometer, a high-resolution 1024×768 monitor and high-quality optics provide a contrast and detailed image in all weather conditions. The sights are made of lightweight aluminum alloy, reliable, compact and easy to handle.

Delivery set:

Battery 186502
Battery charger1
Carrying bag1
User manual1

IMPORTANT NOTE! Do not try to aim the device at the sun, the core can be damaged.  It is allowable to have two pixels on a display (white and color dots) which cannot be removed. Subject to warranty terms and conditions, this is not considered to be a defect.


  1. Controls.
  2. Batteries installation.
  3. Turn on the scope.
  4. Digital zoom.
  5. Function of the display ON/OFF.
  6. Menu
  7. External power.
  8. Video output.



  1. Do not direct a scope at (towards) the sun; it can be damaged!
  2. Do not discharge device’s batteries completely; it will deteriorate their capacity in future.
  3. Battery compartment cover shall be always fixed securely.
  4. Do not allow water and snow ingress onto objective lenses; it will deteriorate image quality. Water does not pass heat. Objective lenses shall be wiped with soft cloth.
  5. In case picture becomes “washed-out” under cold climate conditions and it is not possible to adjust it with objective lenses focusing as well as eyepiece dioptric adjustment, it may happen that eyepiece lenses are “sweat” due to your breath. Eyepiece shall be wiped with soft cloth.
  6. Target detection distance is not reduced under rain/fog/snow.
  7. The device can be used within a wide temperature range – from -20°С to +50°С. However, in case the device was brought from cold to warm environment, the image may be blurred due to condensate on the external lenses.

Store the device in a carrying bag under warm, dry and well ventilated environment at 95% humidity and 25˚С temperature. Protect the device against any mechanical damage. Protect the lenses from dirt and grease. Dirty and greasy spots deteriorate the image quality. If necessary, clean the external lenses of an objective and eyepiece with a soft tissue dipped in alcohol



Parameter/ModificationLEGAT-Pro 6F75
Sensor typeMicrobolometer VOx, 640х384 pxls, 17µm, 8…14µm, 50Hz
Magnification/lens2.4Х (F1.0/75mm)
Digital zoomX2, 3Х, 4X
Focusing range10m – ∞
Max. Range of detection2200m
DisplayOLED 1024×768 pixels
Diopter range+4/-5 diopters
Field of view8.2 x 6.2°
Battery life8 h (at 24°С)
External power supply5-12.5V
Weight (w/o battery and mount)0.9 kg
Dimensions250 х 90 х 86 mm
Temperatures range-20°C … +50°C
Protection (IEC 60529)IPХ6