IR-530 is an infrared laser illuminator designed for use with night vision devices and TV cameras to backlight objects at night, in conditions of limited visibility and in complete darkness.


The IR illuminator is made in an aluminum alloy housing, has digital control, a uniform laser spot, a universal power source – a CR123 3V lithium battery or a 16340 3V rechargeable battery, a wide divergence range of radiation of 0.5-20 °, and adjustment of the position of the laser spot.


Output power of radiation150mW
Wavelength of radiation850nm
Laser class3B
Control of output power radiationDigital, 4 positions.

Memory of backlight

Beam adjustmentyes
Backlight angle0.5-20º
*Max. range of observation at angle 1º800m
*Max. range of observation at angle 5º350m
*Max. range of observation at angle 10º150m
Battery3V 1xCR123, 3V 1×16340 (LiFe) 
Battery life4-20 hours (at 24°C)
Weight (w/o battery and mount)0.09kg
Temperature range-20°С…+50°С
Protection gradeIPX6
Shock load500g