• Wi-Fi
  • Digital video recorder with SD/microSD card
  • Thermal and TV channels


The PANDION is a high-tech dual-spectral round-the-clock binocular, designed for 24-hours search, supervision and registration of objects in normal and harsh weather conditions as well as in man-made noise within a wide spectral range — visual and infrared (thermal). The application of up-to-date technologies with athermalized microbolometer as well as high-sensitive CCD camera with digital processing delivers high quality and sensitivity for TV images. The built-in CCD camera allows observation not only at night and dusk in automatic mode, but also during rain, snowfall and fog conditions. The device has a binocular design, the built-in digital video recorder, SD/microSD card memory slot (supports up to 32 Gb) and Wi-Fi video transmitter with work range up to 150 m, compatible to Android and iOS Apple devices.


Thermal channelTV channel


VOX, 8…14 µм, 50 HzColored CCD ½”, day/night 50 Hz
Resolution384×288 (640×480)768×582


<50 mk0.0001 Lx


Colored 2.5” LTPS TFT LCD 960×240 pixels
FOV (horizontal)2–16°

Max. range of man’s detection

2000 m1000 m (Е=0.005 lux)
BatteryLi-ion batteries 3×18650

Work time

6 hrs.

Protection class



240×210×80 mm

Weight (w/o battery)

2.2 kg