• Wi-Fi
  • Digital video recorder with SD/microSD card
  • Thermal and TV channels


The Fortis Hybrid is a high-tech dual-spectral round-the-clock binocular, designed for 24-hours search, supervision and registration of objects in normal and harsh weather conditions as well as in man-made noise within a wide spectral range — visual and infrared (thermal). The application of up-to-date technologies with athermalized microbolometer as well as high-sensitive CCD camera with digital processing delivers high quality and sensitivity for TV images. The built-in CCD camera allows observation not only at night and dusk in automatic mode, but also during rain, snowfall and fog conditions. The device has a binocular design, the built-in digital video recorder, SD/microSD card memory slot (supports up to 32 Gb) and Wi-Fi video transmitter with work range up to 150 m, compatible to Android and iOS Apple devices.


Thermal channelTV channel
DetectorFPA microbolometer TiO2, 17µmSONY 1/3″, CMOS
Sensor format384х2881280×960
Spectral band8…14 µm0.4…1 µm
NETD/sensitivity40 mК (0.04°С)0.0001…30 000 lux
Frame rate50 Hz50 Hz
Digital zoomХ2, Х4
Display2хOLED 1024X768
FOV5.4 x 7.2°2°…16°
Detection range (human’s figure)1600m1000m (Е=0.05 lux)
Battery2X18650 Li-ion rechargeable
Battery life6 h (at 25°С)
FunctionsVideo AVI 640х480, microSD, WiFi, GPS, E-compass, video output, input 12V
Dimensions240х138×78.5 mm
Weoght (w/o batteries)1.2 kg
Temperatures range of work-20˚С…+50˚С
Protection  IEC 60529IPX6