• compact size
  • possibility of night zero adjustment
  • quick-release fastener type weaver
  • remote control
  • lenses 40 mm or 54 mm
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Thermal clip-on STRIX-F is a simple transformation of day scope into thermal one.

Clip-on includes and combines such features as permanence of zeroing center point when installing, video output, remote control with entire functions available, external power source, smooth digital zoom, digital image displacement along X and Y axes, 6 color pallets, high resistance for big calibers as well as quick detachability.

Thermal clip-on STRIX-F: user manual
Thermal clip-on STRIX-F: user manual


Sensor typeUncooled shutterless microbolometer TiVOx, 17µm, 8…14µm, 50Гц
Resolution384×288 pixels
Visual magnification  monocular



Digital magnificationX2, X4
Focusing range6m – ∞10m – ∞
Diopter range+/-3 dptr
Suggested magnification of optical sight1-8Х
Detection range (boar)1400m1800m
MonitorOLED 1024X768
FOV7 x 9.3°5.4 x 7.2°
Battery life5 hours (at 24°С)
External power3.2-12.5V
Weight (with batteries)0.6 kg0.65 kg
Dimensions     175 х 66 х 90 mm180 х 66 х 90 mm
Temperatures range-20°C … +50°C
Protection IEC 60529IPХ6