The monocular has two observation channels: low-light-level TV, operating in the visible and near infrared range, and thermal imaging, operating in the thermal range of 8-14 microns. A thermal imaging channel makes it easy to detect an object, a TV channel allows you to view the details of an object.


The two-channel monocular STRIX hybrid is the multi-purpose device, designed for all-weather and round-the-clock search and supervision of different objects within a wide spectral range from 0.4 to 1.1 microns and from 8 to 14 microns. The application of up-to-date technologies with high-performance TiVOx microbolometer as well as high-sensitive CMOS camera with digital processing provides high quality and sensitivity for TV and thermal images. The combination of low-light-level TV camera and thermal imager provides all-weather and round-the-clock detection, identification and registration of objects at any time and weather.

Thermal-TV hybrid monocular STRIX HYBRID


Thermal channelTV channel
DetectorMicrobolometer TiO2, 17µ, 8…14 µm, 50HzCMOS  1/3″, 50Hz
Spectral range8…14 µm0.4…1.1 µm
Size, pixel384х2881280х720
Sensitivity< 40 мК0.0005…30 000 lux
Optical magnification2.7X4.8X
Digital magnificationX2, X4
DisplayOLED 1024X768 pixels
Eyepiece+/-4 dptr
FOV11° x8º12°
Max. range of man’s detection1200m400m (Е=0.05 Lux)

400m with infrared illuminator

BatteryRechargeable Li-ion 18650х2
Battery life8 hrs
Dimensions175х120х80 мм
Weight (without battery)0.8 kg
Operation temperatures range-20˚С…+50˚С
Protection (IEC 60529)IPX6