• Six user profiles;
  • «Picture-in-picture» function (PiP);
  • Smooth image zooming ability from 0.7X to 4X;
  • Five color palettes, including the one with smart selection of “hot” objects;
  • Entirely digital signal with noise elimination and image processing;
  • Indication of entire necessary information on display;
  • Great recoil resistance with high calibers;
  • Very compact and lightweight device.
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STRIX-F-35 is thermal monocular designed for application as observation device or clip-on for daylight optical scopes during day and night, including severe weather conditions. It works within 8-14 mkm spectral range.
STRIX-F-35 is based on 12 um pixel size VOx microbolometer which has advanced and combined electronic-shutter calibration. Combination of highly sensitive microbolometer, HD OLED display with 1024×768 pixels, high-quality optics as well as digital image processing provides super great and detailed image quality even under extremely severe weather conditions.
STRIX-F-35 is made of lightweight aluminum alloy. It is reliable, compact and easy-to-manage device.

STRIX-F-35 can be used for observation and terrain navigation under low visibility as well as for hunting and search.




STRIX-F-35 monocular1 pcs.
Eyepiece1 pcs.
18650 battery1 pcs.
User manual1 pcs.
Carrying bag1 pcs.


Sensor type VOx microbolometer
Spectral range8…14 µм
Pixel size12 µм
Thermal core resolution384х288 pixels
Frame rate50 Hz
Calibration typeCombined electronic-shutter
Sensitivity, NETD<40 mК (0.040º)
Visual magnification of monocular
Visual magnification of clip-on
Digital magnificationX2, 3Х, X4
Adjustable digital magnification range0.7Х….4Х with step being 0.05Х
Objective lensF1.0/35 mm
Objective lens focusing range6 m – ∞
Effective detection range (boar)1400 m
Recommended dayscope magnification2-12Х
DisplayColor HD OLED 1024×768 pixels
Field of view (FOV)8ºх12º
Eyepiece+3/-4 dptr.
Eye relief10 mm
Image processingDigital filter, digital processing, digital image detalization
Maximal battery life (at 24°С):5 hours
External power supply3-15 V
Weight (without batteries / adapter)0.47 kg
Dimensions133х64х52 mm
Temperature range-20°C … +50°C
Protection class (IEC 60529)IPХ6
Maximal recoil resistance500 g