• ИК-осветитель Инфракрасный лазерный осветитель IR-850

    Laser illuminator IR-530

    A powerful IR laser illuminator IR-530-850 was designed to be used with NV devices and TV cameras that have the sensitivity in near-IR spectral range. The illuminator features radiation divergence control and output power. The special optics shapes a uniform pattern and provides the range up to 1000 meters (depending on the receiver).

  • ИК-осветитель Инфракрасный осветитель IR-940

    IR LED illuminator IR-940

    The IR-940 is a powerful IR LED illuminator, designed to be used with digital NV devices. The illuminator is built around IR-emitting LED with 940 nm length, invisible foe human’s eye. It has the output power adjustment and radiation divergence control. A mount with base for installation on NV devices is provided.

  • ИК-осветитель инфракрасный лазерный осветитель IR-2000

    Long-range IR laser illuminator IR-2000-810

    The device is only supplied on request. Comes complete with Fortis Digital 33X Zoom systems only

    A series of powerful IR laser illuminators IR-2000-810 was designed for application with NV devices and CCD cameras for long range observation. The illuminators have the power output and radiation divergence adjustment as well as vertical/ horizontal calibration.

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