• IR-530 Dimmer Infrared laser illuminator

    IR-530 (850 dimmer) is infrared laser illuminator designed for use with any digital and analog night vision devices based on image intensifier tubes, CCDs and CMOS receivers for objects illumination at night.

  • IR-530-850 Digital 2 Infrared laser illuminator

    Features of infrared illuminator are lightness and compactness in combination with modern digital technologies namely: digital control of output power, memory of presets, uniform spot, 18650 rechargeable battery and adjustment of laser spot position.

  • IR-530-850 Digital Infrared laser illuminator

    IR-530 is an infrared laser illuminator designed for use with night vision devices and TV cameras to backlight objects at night, in conditions of limited visibility and in complete darkness.

  • IR-530-850 Infrared laser illuminator

    The IR-530-850 is an infrared illuminator based around laser diode technology and intended for use with digital and night vision devices. The illuminator has control of radiation angle, control of power of radiation, picatinny mount.

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