• Thermal imaging weapon scope LEGAT-R3F75 Smart

    Thermal weapon scope LEGAT SMART


    • 7 profiles for saving of zeroing settings, brightness and contrast;
    • less than 4 seconds starting time;
    • 4 working profiles;
    • 6 color palettes;
    • 5 types of reticle;
    • automatic correction of bad pixels;
    • ×2 and ×4 digital magnification;
    • fully adjustable interface;
    • 2 types of quick detachable rangefinder;
    • video recording in .AVI 640×480p;
    • direct video broadcast via Wi-Fi on your smartphone/tablet;
    • different languages selection.
  • Тепловизионный прицел LEGAT-3F75 Gen2.

    Thermal weapon scope LEGAT Gen2 S


    • 2 types of 17μm thermal core: 640×480 and 384×288
    • 2 types of detachable rangefinders
    • Built-in focusing mechanism
  • Тепловизионный прицел LEGAT-3F40 Gen2.

    Thermal weapon scope LEGAT Gen2. Lite


    • image zooming to the center of reticle
    •  zooming of MIL-DOT reticle
    • 4 zeroing profiles (where everything can be adjusted and saved, from position and type of reticle to core sensitivity
    • quick introduction of corrections with indication of old and new coordinates
    • smooth image zooming
    • reticle color choice
    • 6 color palettes, including the one with smart highlighting of hot objects
    • entirely digital signal with noise suppression
    • indication of all necessary information on scope’s display
    • digital video recording and Wi-Fi

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